LoL-Smurfs – Smurf Review

Today we are going to review LoL-Smurfs. We bought an account from them 2 weeks ago and we are forced to do the review this early.

We will be reviewing this website on the same principals as our other reviews. How easy it is to purchase an account, Customer support, quality of the accounts and after-sales support.

Let’s get on with the in depth review.

LoL-Smurfs – Purchasing an Account:

LoL-Smurfs was much easier to purchase an account from than our last review (Playerauctions). Straight forward process and a lot to choose from, many regions and many different type of accounts. We found out these are not botted accounts but they are actually illegally(cracked) obtained accounts which we did not appreciate, we were basically playing on an stolen account. They offer life-time warranty and Instant delivery. We will get more into what happened after we realized what sort of accounts they were.

Purchasing an account from LoL-Smurfs: 8/10 (The process was simple and it instantly arrived)

LoL-Smurfs – Customer Support:

Here is where LoL-Smurfs fell short. They have no live chat, so we couldn’t speak to an human when we had issues, all we had was a contact form. We filled it out wanting to get a refund due to the accounts being illegally obtained and we did not want to take someone poor souls accounts from them when they have spent Thousands of dollars on their account. We received a reply after 2 days and they said We can’t refund you due to you already knowing the username and what you can do with such information (contact Riot). That was the last we heard from them, we didn’t bother arguing with them and we left it. We disputed the money and got our money back and also informed riot of such practices happening on their website.

Customer Support at LoL-Smurfs: 1/10 (Awful customer support, rude and unhelpful)

LoL-Smurfs – Quality of the Accounts:

LoL-Smurfs accounts are not good quality that is for sure. We received an account that was played just one month beforehand by the original owner we could only assume. We could not even return the account when we didn’t even touch the account and it was a stolen account. All these things together just is a terrible experience in our opinion and very bad quality accounts and we would avoid at all costs unless you like buying someone else’s account where they are the victim and did not want to sell their account.

Quality of the Accounts at LoL-Smurfs: 1/10 (Quality extremely bad and would be taken back soon after by original owner)

LoL-Smurfs – After-Sales Support:

We can’t say much here except for terrible After-Sales support. Would not recommend in the slightest, they were rude and unhelpful. They would not accept the return and we had to go through a dispute to get our money back. If they are selling stolen accounts, We would label them as scammers sadly.

After-sales support at LoL-Smurfs: 1/10 (Terrible, non-existent)

See below the final ratings and overall rating.

If you have purchased from this website, we would love to hear your experiences in the comments. If you want us to review a smurf selling website that we haven’t please leave your suggestion in the comments as well.

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