Playerauctions – Smurf Review

Today we look at purchasing an account from Playerauctions – They are a large marketplace that offer people to list their own accounts and to sell on their marketplace.

We have bought an account from them 1 month a go (generally we wait for 2 months but issues arised before we got there) and our review will be based off the process of buying the account, the customer support offered, the quality of the account and finally after-sales support.

Playerauctions – Purchasing an Account:

We purchased an account from this website 1 month AGO. We found buying from Playerauctions was quite difficult. You had to sign up for an account, you had to verify your details and give them your phone number. Delivery wasn’t instant because they take 1-12hours to check your payment is legit and than after that you have to wait for your seller to deliver you the account manually. We had a really bad experience purchasing an account from this website and would not recommend if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to go through verification

Purchasing an account from Playerauctions: 2/10 (We dislike having to verify your details and the delivery took a very long time)

Playerauctions – Customer Support:

The customer support at Playerauctions is non-existent. The actual seller does not answer questions and you can only contact them by private message on the actual website. You can’t email them, skype them or live chat with them. Definitely would not recommend buying an account from this website if you are after good customer support.

Customer Support at Playerauctions: 1/10 (Non existent customer support)

Playerauctions – Quality of the Accounts:

Quality of the accounts at Playerauctions that are being sold by regular sellers is definitely not the best. The account we received did work, however the account was recently played on (botted on) in the last 24hours. Let’s just say that was a big issue and you guessed it, it was banned 6 days later. We could not get a replacement account or a refund from the seller because they wouldn’t respond to any of our messages, we had to go through the dispute process and took a long time but after 1 month we have our money back.

Quality of the Accounts at Playerauctions: 1/10 (Banned within 7 days, no time to even get your moneys worth)

Playerauctions – After-sales Support:

This will be very quick. The after-sales support is also non existent, just like their customer support. We were banned and the seller did not even respond after we sent 10 Private messages through the Playerauction system.

After-Sales support at Playerauctions: 1/10 (Non-existent)

See below the final ratings and overall rating.

If you have purchased from this website, we would love to hear your experiences in the comments. If you want us to review a smurf selling website that we haven’t please leave your suggestion in the comments as well.


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